AURELIO VOLTAIRE Heart-shaped Wound CD Digipack 2017

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Heart-shaped Wound


CD Digipack

Year: 2017
Label: Projekt

01 The Projectionist 
02 Human Nature 
03 Leaves in the Stream 
04 Butterfly 
05 In Disguise
06 The Ones who've hurt you 
07 Hallelujah 
08 The Necropolis of former Lovers
09 The Folly of Love 
10 A Romantic Guy 
11 The Necropolis of former Lovers (Midnight in the Mausoleum Mix)


Dark cabaret artist Aurelio VOLTAIRE returns to Projekt Records for a passionate collection of songs about love gained and love lost. His 11th studio album resulted from a tumultuous three-month relationship; in between his hectic touring schedule Voltaire found himself writing heart-wrenching songs brimming with anguish, regret and yearning. Heart~Shaped Wound goes past an 8.9 on the heartbreak scale.

Throughout his 20-year career Voltaire has danced on the dark side with a sardonic smile. He’s best known for 1999’s “When you’re Evil,” a jaunty celebration of naughtiness befitting a Disney villain. Also a classic, “Brains!” recounts an evil meteor hungry for human brains and was featured on America’s ‘The Cartoon Network’s The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

With a reputation for macabre, tongue-in-cheek songs, every once in a while someone comes along and breaks his heart, and the result is an album of heart-wrenching genre-defying musical storytelling. Often sarcastic, sometimes serious, always uniquely… Voltaire.