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Title: Robo Sapien Race

The album also gets released on vinyl format as a fan edition pack limited to 333 units worldwide including the 10-track album on black vinyl in a deluxe gatefold packaging (with full lyrics) with a bonus DJ turntable slipmat, a page marker and a numbered postcard + the new 20-track “Sounds From The Matrix 023” label CD compilation.

Year: 28.10.2022
Label: alfa matrix
Tracklist:         VINYL
A01. Teufelskreis
A02. Transrapid Rapid
A03. Robotimierung
A04. Robo Normativ
A05. Düsseldorf

B06. Robo Sapien
B07. Automatenland
B08. Niemals Stillstehen
B09. Tanz Mit Dem Roboter (feat. JG. & The Robots)
B10. Electro/Spannung

+ Bonus label CD compilation included
Sounds From The Matrix 023 (CD)
01. HELLE9 . omen
02. KOMOR KOMMANDO feat. THE TRUE UNION . one by one
03. C-LEKKTOR . god killer
04. SYNAPSYCHE . silvertongue (graveless version)
05. THE TRUE UNION . purousthai
06. AVARICE IN AUDIO . wholesome as hollywood
07. KANT KINO . frontline (edit)
08. LLUMEN . you can have it all (matrix edit)
09. MONDTRÄUME . something
10. AD:KEY . alles was ich will (single mix)
11. ELM . sex junkie (edit)
12. CUBIC . asteroids
13. REICHSFEIND . darken (exclusive mix)
14. ELEKTROKLÄNGE . musik kosmik (radio edit)
15. RECTOR SCANNER . fluormenschen (transformation mix)
16. AIBOFORCEN . cycle of life (short edit)
17. AESTHETISCHE feat. Lis Van den Akker . back to life (radio version)
18. VENAL FLESH . adytum I
19. MISERIA ULTIMA . yet shivering profound
20. ACYLUM . tears of blood (short cut)
Info: After a couple of teasing EP & video clip releases, ladies and gentlemen, Alfa Matrix is proud to present to you today the much awaited full length album by the new ultimate EBM project by the members of one of the cult electro industrial music pioneers of all times next to KRAFTWERK and EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: DIE KRUPPS’ very own Jürgen Engler and his fellow members Ralf Dörper and Marcel Zürcher!

The idea for them was to have an outlet for songs that couldn’t be used in a DIE KRUPPS context. The use of guitars in ROBO SAPIENS music being taboo! ‘In a way, it’s a return to our Electro roots, but with a twist. Imagine the Duesseldorf sound of KRAFTWERK mixed with hard DIE KRUPPS EBM. This combination of styles has been spooking around my brain for a while, and it was time to put it into action,’ Juergen Engler says.

This stunning 10-track “Robo Sapien Race” album offers the perfect blend of minimal, vintage and outstanding powerful synth music with harder, stronger and angrier EBM assaults made of fat and ripping basslines, powerful German vocals and upbeat synth sequences. The result proves that DIE ROBO SAPIENS have already found their own niche, which Electro fans from both genres will surely appreciate!

“Robo Sapien Race” is also presenting a conceptual background about the dehumanization and technological dependency of mankind… without it you are nothing… so conform or revolt! A futuristic atmosphere perfectly rendered by the talented Japanese designer Tomoki Hayasaki.

T.A.N.Z… T.A.N.Z… Tanz mit DIE ROBO SAPIENS! Volle EBM Kraft Voraus!