Breathing In Fumes (An Infactious Tribute to Depeche Mode) CD 2021 (NamNamBulu ORANGE SECTOR)

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Title: Breathing In Fumes (An Infactious Tribute to Depeche Mode)

Limited Edition

Year: 01.10.2021
Label: Infacted
Tracklist:         01 Stripped (feat. J:dead)
02 Photographic (feat. Orange Sector)
03 The Sun And The Rainfall (feat. Modular State)
04 Higher Love (feat. Jan Veil ex-Moskwa TV)
05 My Secret Garden (feat. Lights Of Euphoria)
06 Leave In Silence (feat. Form)
07 Get The Balance Right (feat. The Saint Paul)
08 In Your Room (feat. Frame Of Mind)
09 Black Celebration (feat. Binary Park)
10 Ice Machine (feat. NamNamBulu)
11 Tora Tora Tora (feat. Endanger)
12 Somebody (feat. Form)
Info: No other band has had such a massive impact on a whole music scene than Depeche Mode for the electronic and synth pop movement. Within the last 40 years they have been an inspiration for a whole generation of musicians, producers & DJs. If you are into the „Fab Four“ and their remix/club culture, you surely will stumble about one name: „DOMINATRIX“. A talented producer & remixer who did „tons“ of production and remix work in the past. About time to realize a very unique and special project which did took us a few years to set up. 12 Depeche Mode songs recreated by „DOMINATRIX“ with an individual vocalist of one of our label artists each. Songs like „The Sun And The Rainfall“, „Somebody“, „Tora Tora Tora“, „In Your Room“, „Leave in Silence“ or „Higher Love“ which are not that often found on tribute releases with the vocal work of label artists such as J:dead, Orange Sector, Michigan/Modular State, Lights Of Euphoria, Form, The Saint Paul, Frame Of Mind, Binary Park, NamNamBulu or Endanger. As a special appearance we could get Jan Veil aka „Ion Javelin“ of former Moskwa TV to. Perform „Higher Love“ with an incredible result. A full album full of respect made by fans for fans in a limited run of CDs! An infactious tribute to one of the greatest bands on our planet.