WUMPSCUT Cannibal Anthem (US Edition) CD 2006

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Title: Cannibal Anthem (US Edition)
Format: CD
Year: 11.04.2006
Label: Metropolis
Tracklist:         01. Herzlich Willkommen  1:11
02. Wir Warten  4:21
03. Die Liebe (Album Edit) 4:55
04. Jesus Antichristus (AlbumEdit)  4:23
05. Cannibal Anthem  3:59
06. Auf Der Jagd  3:40
07. Pass Auf  5:11
08. Jetzt  3:20
09. Ohne Dich  4:21
10. Hunger  4:13
11. Recht Vor Gnade  6:11  
Info: Originally released on Beton Kopf Media in 2006. With the pre-album singles “Jesus Antichristus” & “Die Liebe”, Wumpscut gave fans a glimpse of what to expect from this album. Cannibal Anthem was Wumpscut's most potent album, when released 17 years ago. Dark ominous synths merged with driving beats and signature growling vocals, the album attacks the senses from all angles. From the groundbreaking singles to the seething anger of “Wir Warten” and “Recht Vor Gnade” to the subdued beauty of “Ohne Dich” and “Pass auf,” the intensity of Cannibal Anthem can barely be contained. Wumpscut darker and more powerful than ever.