VIPERMILK Sound Bites CD Digipack 2021 (VÖ 16.04)

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Title: Sound Bites

CD Digipack

Year: 16.04.2021
Label: EK Product
Tracklist:         01 Every Zero 
02 Resist 
03 Evil Heat 
04 Gaslight 
05 Nibiru Cataclysm
06 Indignation 
07 New Drug City 
08 Crimson Lie 
09 One by One 
10 Sound Bites
Info: The supremacy of Vipermilk has been amply demonstrated with the recent release "Every Zero", the amazing digital single that launched the ensemble in the technological scene [check the official Lyrics Video below!], allowing it to obtain a great consensus from electro music fans. This Finnish band possesses mind blowing compositional skills, immediately perceptible during the first listen, above all thanks to a skilful combination of 80's and 90's dance oriented elements, exciting melodies, fiery lyrics and a great desire for energy. The sound of Vipermilk triumphs on this their debut album, which is distinguished by a perfect synergy between industrial, EBM, electropunk and synthwave! Incandescent sparks of synths, functional midtempo rhythms of drum-programming, elaborate sequencer flows, aggressive vocals, impetuous, dark euphonic schemes full of immeasurable effectiveness, always ironically abrasive and angry lyrics, an alternation of incisive hardness and harmonious structures: this is what you will hear and that will send you into ecstasy. The ten tracks of "Sound Bites" touch the heights of pure perfection, dragging, thrilling, amazing moment by moment, in a perpetual succession of dynamism and euphoria. If now you think to have a precise idea of what the sonic concept of Vipermilk consists of, try to go even and even further with your imagination, but you probably will not be able to fully internalize it yet. There is only one way to understand what it is and how much driving force this music is capable of. You just have to listen to it and let yourself be conquered by its infinite extraordinariness.
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