TIRAMIST Phoenix CD Digipack 2020 LTD.150

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Format: CD Digipack
Limitiert auf 150 Stück
Year: 07.02.2020
Label: Wave Records
Tracklist:         01 Phoenix 
02 Open Spaces 
03 Swift & Sharp 
04 Dark Stories 
05 Season´s Blues
06 A Man of your Mind 
07 Maybe I run 
08 Claws of Winter 
09 An Evening with Sandy
10 Fox in My Mind 
11 Sting like a Bee 
12 Rats in a Wall 
13 Something´s wrong

Following their debut album “For your Ears only”, released in 2016, here comes ‘Phoenix’, the second album containing 13 new songs! TIRAMIST gathers two duos coming from the French independent scene: Catherine & Franck are pioneers of the French, romantic and offbeat coldwave.

Since the eighties, they've released several albums as members of various bands with different styles: the minimalistic new wave of Opéra Multi Steel, the heavenly dark wave of “O Quam Tristis…” the electro pop of 3 Cold Men, the romanticism of Collection d’Arnell-Andréa…

Liesbeth & Pierre-Yves are the central musicians of the band Hide&Seek, which released three albums since 2003. Their personal style unites heavenly pop, folk, coldwave and minimalistic songs. TIRAMIST is the result of the encounter of these four musicians. The quartet combines its different influences and uses surrealistic texts to create an original and personal universe. The four musicians share the leading and backing vocals; playing with the complementarity of their male and female voices.

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