THIS COLD NIGHT Are we not Immortal yet?? LIMITED CD Digipack 2022

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Title: Are we not Immortal yet??
Format: This CD edition is limited to 200 copies
Year: 10.06.2022
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         01 I felt the Sun
02 I want to live again
03 New American Punk
04 A Letter to Myself
05 Cold War
06 Obelisk
07 Dark Place
08 Atom Bomb! (feat. Gawby Weinstein)
09 The World is better with You
10 The Titan and his Tower
Info: This Cold Night, the solo project of American artist Chase Morledge, got extremely good response on it’s re-release of ‘An Enigmatic Individual’ (originally released in 2016) on Young and Cold last year. Chase now makes his return with an all new album, which brings together tracks written and recorded during the past 3-4 years. Chase on the new album: ‘A series of letters written to oneself. Formed from the pulp of personal correspondence. In 2019, I used a crowdfunding platform to fund an independent vinyl release. One of the “perks” for backers was, if they so desired, personal correspondence (i.e. pen pals) between them and myself. I mailed questions and they mailed back letters with responses and follow-up questions. AWNIY?? takes inspiration from the words, themes, and imagery of that correspondence.
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