SYMPHONIC NOISE CULT Behind the Curtain CD Digipack 2024

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Title: Behind the Curtain
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 23.02.2024
Label: vuz records
Tracklist:         01 House with no Doors
02 My Figment
03 The Flower
04 I´d rather be
05 Into the Light
06 Strange little Girl
07 Society of Pain
08 The Dirt we are
09 Homunculus
10 No Song for Lovers
11 Lullaby
12 The Dancing Tree
13 And the Rain comes
14 Please don´t go
15 Absent Friend
16 My Figment (Extended Version)
Info: 16 track album in a 6 page digipack, incl. the singles "My Figment" and "Into the Light" plus a "hidden" bonus track

VUZ was the label, that discovered :Wumpscut: and released its first works. The label is not very active, but from time to time they come up with surprising releases – such as albums by PSYCHE, PARADE GROUND, PORTION CONTROL and now this album by Symphonic Noise Cult!

"Behind The Curtain" reflects the different backgrounds of the musicians. While the foundation of most compositions is firmly placed in the dark dance scene, thanks to the decades of experience of Winus Rilinger who, besides being the driving force behind the German cult act The Eternal Afflict, produced and added music to a varity of popular dark acts like Inside (The Eternal Afflict & Psyche), Form Follows Function, Stücker & Benecke, Sara Noxx and more.
The renowed pianist and soundtrack composer Ulrich A. Beutgen added a classical touch to these tracks, making them listenable outside of the dancefloor. And finally the rock-influenced voice of Scott Mick (Theatre Of Shock Therapy), full of passion, desperation, delusion and hope. His lyrics add another depth to SNCs music that actually makes you listen closely. They were already compared to big names but we leave it up to your own imagination how you would define their sound. Its not an easy task, each songs is an universe of its own.