STEVE ROACH The Skeleton Collection 2005 - 2015 CD Digipack 2015

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The Skeleton Collection 2005 - 2015


CD Digipack

Year: 2015
Label: Timeroom Editions

This collection of new and previously unreleased pieces starts out by tracking the origin of Skeleton Keys: the first five tracks, recorded in 2005, set the idea into motion of creating a project of pure analog synth/sequencer-based music. I wanted to place the attention directly on these pure kinetic forms, intentionally stripped down to the essentials. The focus remains on the purity of the analog sound and the interweave of the patterned melodic strands and the ever-present pulse. Those elements all work together to create the keys for opening into a place of perception only obtained though this form of music.

Analog modular creation is all about spontaneous hands-on interaction and the visceral connection in the body and mind as the sound is spiraling forth from the speakers. No second guessing here: the priority is engaging with the immediacy of live electronic music on hardware instruments. Feel it, go with it, shape it by hand, record it, move on.

After orbiting around this project for several years, I continued to return to the original 2005 recordings, still feeling the growing desire to explore the “essence of the sequence” direction.

By early 2014, I built a large format analog system on the platform. This was essential in giving me the tools to unlock the passages that would become the definitive Skeleton Keys release. Once this album was complete, the momentum remained at a high point. All I could do was keep capturing peak live moments in the studio. By February 2015, tracks 5, 6 and 7 arrived. Including these on this album felt like a perfect perspective on the tracks that started the Skeleton Keys project a decade ago. It’s all here now.