STEVE ROACH Kairos - The Meeting of Time and Destiny DVD+CD A5 Digipack 2006

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Kairos  - The Meeting of Time and Destiny


DVD+CD A5 Digipack

Year: 2006
Label: Timeroom Editions

1 Soul’s Time
2 Core Regeneration
3 Resonation Portal
4 Etheric Planet
5 Lifeforming
6 Biogenesis
7 Womb of Light
8 The Great Return


DVD in a beautiful DVD-sized Digipak with soundtrack CD. All regions. NTSC. A tour-de-force of visual music alchemy, Kairos is a dynamic flow of visual wonderworlds created by five master light, film and digital artists. Drawing from a spectrum of visual techniques, micro and macro worlds meet up in symbiotic flow between sound and visuals that can only be described as mind-expanding. The soundtrack was shaped within the live and studio setting over the past 6 years. The mythic and archetypal power found in Steve’s music and the visual core it stimulates is vividly brought to life in Kairos and is – without a doubt – both musically and visually, a pinnacle moment in Steve’s shapeshifting sound and visionary-inducing works. Featuring visuals from Lynn Augstein, Steve Lazur, Steven Rooke, John Vega, and John Wadsworth, with hybrid visual creation and final editing by Roger King.

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