PETER DAVISON Glide CD Digipack 2021

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CD Digipack

Year: 2021
Label: Fact Of Being
Tracklist:         01 – 06 Glide I to VI
Info: Fact of Being is happy to present the second in a series of re-issues of early works by Peter Davison. This is the re-edition of the highly acclaimed and innovative album "Glide"  from 1981 to celebrate its 40th anniversary. "Glide" was the second artist's album. Released in 1981 on vinyl and urgently repressed in 1982 due to high demand it was sold-out fast again and has not been reissued since that. To date, this is one of the rarest and wanted ambient recordings that finally available again with original artwork and short liner notes from Peter Davison himself. A fascinating ambient album less new-age more minimal ambient. An absolute classic in the spirit of Iasos, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, Michael Stearns... Peter Davison has composed music scores for Indie Features, the History Channel, A+E, Biography, PBS, Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Discovery, Gaiam and others...
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