FULL CONTACT 69 Zombie Machine CD 2016 LTD.500

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69 Zombie Machine


Limitiert und Handnummeriert auf 500 Stück

Year: 01.04.2016
Label: Razgrom

01 Recce (03:44)
02 Collateral Damage (04:20)
03 System Crash (03:20)
04 We Need Some Backup (04:55)
05 G.I.M.P.A. (03:46)
06 Dignity (04:46)
07 Welcome (05:40)
08 Bastard (03:48)
09 Bite The Dog (04:11)
10 Fuck Off (04:17)
11 Wake Up (05:02)
12 Zombie (02:40)


Only 500 physical copies, each handnumbered.
Quality of a German machines - a well-known fact. And the band FULL CONTACT 69 follows this German dogma/tradition, producing a successful series of their own machines: «Man Machine», «(Wo)man Machine», and now «Zombie Machine»! After the two recent re-releases of earlier albums on Razgrom, FULL CONTACT 69 are now back [3 years after their previous album] with a brand new opus. FC69 persistently & uncompromising continues to follow a concept of cybernetic electro-industrial old school sound, which lead to well deserved recognition and respect of fans around the world. «Zombie Machine» is a hard & catchy album with a sound-production at highest level, and moreover: this is a surprisingly melodic & “clear” record! Today's FC69 sound combines the best elements from classic FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY albums «Caustic Grip» & «Tactical Neural Implant» with brilliant hard-beat work in best PORTION CONTROL style. Without any doubts «Zombie Machine» can be recommend to all fans of such projects as VELVET ACID CHRIST, THE KLINIK, AMNISTIA, TERMINAL STATE, NTRSN and FRONT 242, of course. FULL CONTACT 69: "Industrial war soldiers" who will never give up. Totally outside of modern commercial electro trends - only EBM, only hardcore!

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