A Cat-Shaped Hole In My Heart CD 1999 black tape for a blue girl

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Title: A Cat-Shaped Hole In My Heart
Format: CD
Year: 1999
Label: Projekt

1  –Tara Vanflower  Galactipus  5:36
2  –Faith & The Muse  In Dreams Of Mine  3:56
3  –Shotgun Wedding  Inside Only Cat 4:50
4  –Mira  Cayman  5:39
5  –The Read Letter  Clawing Curtains  5:53
6  –Regenerator  Night And Mourning (Edit)  4:39
7  –Collide  Felix The Cat  2:16
8  –Thomas Thorn  Mad Max  3:13
9  –Stone 588  Eye Of The Moon  4:36
10  –Numeralia  Espirito Gato  4:47
11  –Area  Too Far Away (Drum'n'tabby Mix) 3:43
12  –The Changelings  Caterwaul (Early Recording)  4:01
13  –Dead Leaves Rising  In The Snow  4:18
14  –black tape for a blue girl  Majestic As A King  4:32


a benefit album of cat-loving bands honoring their pets and celebrating felines Royalties donated to the Tree House No-Kill Shelter of Chicago

After suffering the loss of his only cat to feline leukemia, Projekt (and black tape for a blue girl) founder Sam Rosenthal was moved to create a disc that would prevent others from suffering this same grief, while also supporting a local Chicago kitty cause. Enlisting the aid of ethereal, gothic, shoegazer and darkwave artists who share a common love for cats, Projekt presents this unique compilation. Each band contributed a song about their own cat and donated their full artist royalties to a Chicago-based charity, The Tree House, a “no-kill” cat shelter; the booklet contains information on avoiding the spread of feline leukemia and preventing your cat from this horrid fate.

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