MORGUE ENSEMBLE Black Scenario Vol.1 [limited RED BLOOD marbled] LP VINYL 2023

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Title: Black Scenario Vol.1
Format: Limited edition of strictly 299 copies, on RED BLOOD marbled Vinyl!
Year: 20.01.2023
Label: Rustblade
Tracklist:         A1 Intro: Morgue Sueño
A2 Touch Me, My Casket is still open
A3 Cold Cage
A4 Blind Invocation
A5 Your Flesh feeds My Dreams
A6 Step into My Soul (Cause I’m coming)

B1 Body Bag Ænima
B2 White Eyes
B3 This Silence speaks your Name
B4 Don’t wake Me
B5 Carry Me down here
Info: The solo project of Simone Salvatori from the popular band SPIRITUAL FRONT. This Vinyl contains the material originally released on a super limited Tape (100 copies) in the U.S.

The Music on Black Scenario Vol. 1 is a hypnotic, symphonic dark ambient, whose vibe steers clear of stuffiness, excessive heaviness, turpitude, and decay. The sound was mainly inspired by Simone Salvatori’s day job. A work inspired by the atmosphere of morgues, locations often attended by the artist, who is working as thanatos aesthetician. A slow descent into the abyss, where Morgue Ensemble awaits with an intricately crafted collection of sounds (and sights) from the undertaker's office.´A romantic and at the same time “Horror journey” reminiscent the Electronic Sound of John Carpenter, Tangerine Dreams, Fabio Frizzi… added by rhythmic industrial touches in the vein of Lustmord, Zoviet France and Coil.
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