KILL SHELTER Asylum CD Digipack 2022

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Title: Asylum
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 15.07.2022
Label: Manic Depression
Tracklist:         01 Time will come
02 In this Place (ft. Stefan Netschio - Beborn Beton)
03 Queen of Hearts (ft. Valentina Veil - VV & The Void)
04 Buried Deep (ft. Antipole)
05 The Room
06 The Necklace (ft. Agent Side Grinder)
07 Feed the Fire (ft. Ash Code)
08 Cover Me (ft. William Faith – Faith & the Muse)
09 All of this (ft. Ronny Moorings - Clan of Xymox)
10 A Shadow of Doubt
Info: CD-Edition of the all new, third album by the Scottish act. Coming in 6-panel Digipack with Booklet
After "Damage" (2018) and the acclaimed "A Haunted Place" (2021) with Antipole, the Edinburgh based multi-instrumentalist, producer and remixer Pete Burns comes back with "Asylum". Asylum” celebrates over 40 years of alternative and underground music and includes inspiring collaborations with Ronny Moorings (Clan of Xymox), Agent Side Grinder, Ash Code, Stefan Netschio (Beborn Beton), William Faith (The Bellwether Syndicate / Faith and the Muse), Valentina Veil (VV & the Void) and Antipole. Following the critically-acclaimed debut album Damage, Asylum is the second part in a series of collaboration albums featuring like-minded artists from around the globe. With a distinct track listing for each territory, the album is available in two versions : via Metropolis Records in North and South America, and Manic Depression Records in Europe and the rest of the world.
The highly anticipated new single "The Necklace" ft Agent Side Grinder, is a darkly energetic exploration of the quest for personal sanctuary in the face of constant physical and mental abuse.
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