HANTE. Her Fall and Rise [limited half VIOLET half CLEAR] LP VINYL 2021 (VÖ 09.07)

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Title: Her Fall and Rise
Format: 7th Vinyl Edition on half VIOLET, half CLEAR Vinyl
Limited to 300 copies!
Year: 09.07.2021
Label: Synth Religion
Tracklist:         A1 Falling from Grace 
A2 Damages 
A3 One more Dance 
A4 Beyond The Waves

B1 The Storm 
B2 Il n'y a qu'un pas 
B3 This Morning of September 
B4 Le Silence
Info: "Her Fall And Rise" is Hante's debut album, originally released in December 2014 on the (now defunct) label ‘Stellar Kinematics’. It features the iconic song "The Storm" that made both press and fans fell in love instantly with the easy identifiable darkwave of Hante.
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