HANDFUL OF SNOWDROPS Land of the Damned [+ 6 bonus] CD Digipack 2024

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Title: Land of the Damned
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 26.01.2024
Label: Twilight Records
Tracklist:         01 Terroir I
02 When comes Daylight
03 Gabrielle
04 A Miracle
05 Scream, cry or fall
06 Face to Face
07 Terroir II
08 Land of the Damned

09 When comes Daylight (1986 demo)
10 Gabrielle (1986 demo)
11 Face to Face (1986 demo)
12 Land of the Damned (1986 demo)
13 Face to Face (1985 demo)
14 The Keep (1985 demo)
Info: Twilight Records reissues the legendary debut album by the Canadian Darkwave act from Québec City! To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Handful of Snowdrops' seminal first album, Twilight is proud to make it available on CD for the first time in nearly 15 years! Often compared to Clan of Xymox and similar ‘classic’ Darkwave acts, the Canadians were originally active between 1984 and 1993 with 3 highly acclaimed albums, before they dismantled. In 2015 the band re-united in reduced format, and released the album 'III', that was followed by another two albums and a number of catchy singles and Eps.

This special anniversary issue contains not only all original album tracks in newly re-mastered sound quality, but also features 6 additional demo tracks, including 2 never-before-released demos from the VERY early days (1985): "Face to Face and "The Keep" for a total of 14 tracks!

About “Land of the Damned”
In 1986, the third lineup of the band consisted of Michel Mercier on drums, brother Jean-Pierre on guitar and vocals, Christian Lefebvre on bass and Michel Plamondon, younger brother of original signer Jean-François Plamondon on keyboards. They recorded a four-track demo, containing what would to become their most famous song, "Gabrielle" (Check out the Video below!). These four tracks were the basis for their debut album, 1988's “Land of the Damned”, the first and only release on the short-lived Montreal independent label Lisp. Their editor would later take this recording to New York City, where he met with Woodrow Dumas of Louisiana's legendary C'est La Mort Records (Controlled Bleeding, Area), who offered to re-release "Land of the Damned" in the U.S. two years later. The rest, as they say, is history...