AESTHETIC PERFECTION All Beauty Destroyed CD 2011

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Title: All Beauty Destroyed
Format: CD
Year: 04.11.2011
Label: Metropolis
Tracklist:         1. A Nice Place To Visit
2.The Devil's In The Detail
3. The 11th Hour
4. Hit The Streets
5. One And Only
6. Inhuman
7. Celebrity Sin
8. Filthy Design
9. Motherfucker
10. Under Your Skin
11. The Little Death
12. All Beauty Destroyed
Info: On his third long player, Electro-maniac Daniel Graves fires up an inferno of Industrial-beat-salvos, New-Wave-Disco-influences and totally over the top aggression. The sonic roller coaster ride is the most addictive hard Electro-release of the year! After mesmerizing the masses as support act of Combichrist, Aesthetic Perfection head out on a mind blowing St.Vitus’ Dance on their third long player, fusing Club-compatible beats, harsh Industrial-attacks, catchy New-Wave-Disco-influences, dark atmosphere and a healthy dose of madness. With his highly versatile voice that adeptly manages anything from soft Synth-Pop-melodies to totally deranged screams, Graves croons, screeches and shouts his way through the easily most versatile album of hard Electronica, this year.
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