808 DOT POP Bundle Vinyl Fan Pack LIMITED 3 x 7" VINYL - Blackbodies (dislocation) + Incandescent (tantalum) + Kelvin (4200) (VÖ 04.12)

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Blackbodies (dislocation) + Incandescent (tantalum) + Kelvin (4200)


3x 7" Vinyl
Limitiert auf 150 Stück

Year: 04.12.2020
Label: alfa matrix

808 DOT POP . Blackbodies (dislocation) - (7” vinyl  1/3)
A. Blackbodies (dislocation)
B. Kelvin (3500)

808 DOT POP . Incandescent (tantalum) - (7” vinyl  2/3)
A. Incandescent (tantalum)
B. Seeing Heat 

808 DOT POP . Kelvin (4200) - (7” vinyl  3/3)
A. Kelvin (4200)
B. Planck's H (boltzmann edit)


When you are a lover of vintage electronic music and you like the synthetic sounds of bands like KRAFTWERK, TELEX or KOMPUTER, then this new side-project from METROLAND's Passenger S is your new must on the electronic menu!

Today we are proud to release this exclusive fanbase bundle of 3 (!!) exclusive 7” vinyl releases by the new Belgian techno pop sensation 808 DOT POP, each limited to 150 copies. 

Across these 3 vinyl singles, 808 DOT POP serve us the delightful result of various collaborations (with Italian singer Noemi Aurora of HELALYN FLOWERS and  with Belgian sound guru Franky Deblomme aka CUBIC) while remaining very focused on the project’s own sonic trademark made of carrying melodic synths, analogue drum machines, fresh dynamic bubbly sequences and floating electronics. 

This vinyl collection efficiently operates as the perfect sonic companion to the much acclaimed “The Colour Temperature” CD album by 808 DOT POP. This is bubbling Techno Pop as it can only be delivered by 808 DOT POP.

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