VIDEOTRAUM Ebbe // Flut CD Digipack 2023

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Title: Ebbe // Flut
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 15.09.2023
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         FLUT:
01 Equinox 
02 Nereide 
03 Schwarze Herzen 
04 Flut

05 Du & Ich 
06 Wehmut 
07 Vermissen 
08 Ebbe
Info: In mid-2020, the Hamburg-based duo VIDEOTRAUM initially began to digitally release some songs that were still heavily influenced by Coldwave. About a year ago, they went public with a few first appearances. The woman-man combination and the electronic darkwave sound did not yet give a clear idea of where the band was heading. So they took their time to finish the first album (and contributions to a split tape), which was very good for the development of a very own, original sound. Initially released digitally in April 2023, this their first album "Ebbe // Flut" (Ebb // Flow) is now available on Y&C, and a small edition in Vinyl will follow.

As the band's name suggests, this duo is all about electronic Wave, strongly inspired by the sounds of the 80s, consistently enriched by sometimes dreamy, sometimes yearning lyrics in German. VIDEOTRAUM move in a catchier direction overall, sometimes almost towards synthpop, but also again and again with echoes of modern synthwave with its soundtrack-like moments. The rhythms in tracks like "Flut" also quickly get the legs moving on the dance floor. "Du & Ich" is finest electro-wave, which, apart from the vocals, could almost be a track by the early Camouflage. Not only from the title, "Wehmut" (Melancholy) goes most in the darkwave direction, which has led Lebanon Hanover in particular to great success in recent years.

With eight tracks in less than 30 minutes, the album is short and crisp, but contains no filler material, and even repeated listens will reveal something new in the well-produced synth sounds. The album "Ebbe // Flut" sounds surprisingly mature for a band that has not yet appeared on a larger scale and shows well that it can make sense to take some time with the first release.