ULVER The Norwegian National Opera DVD+BLU-RAY 2011

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The Norwegian National Opera

Year: 05.12.2011
Label: Kscope

DVD-1  The Moon Piece  
DVD-2  Eos  
DVD-3  Let The Children Go  
DVD-4  Little Blue Bird  
DVD-5  Rock Massif  
DVD-6  For The Love Of God  
DVD-7  In The Red  
DVD-8  Operator  
DVD-9  Funebre  
DVD-10  Excerpts Of Silence  
DVD-11  A Memorable Fancy  
DVD-12  Hallways Of Always  
DVD-13  England  
DVD-14  A Cold Kiss  
DVD-15  Like Music  
DVD-16  Not Saved  
DVD-17  The Leg Cutting Piece  

BD-1  The Moon Piece  
BD-2  Eos  
BD-3  Let The Children Go  
BD-4  Little Blue Bird  
BD-5  Rock Massif  
BD-6  For The Love Of God  
BD-7  In The Red  
BD-8  Operator  
BD-9  Funebre  
BD-10  Excerpts Of Silence  
BD-11  A Memorable Fancy  
BD-12  Hallways Of Always  
BD-13  England  
BD-14  A Cold Kiss  
BD-15  Like Music  
BD-16  Not Saved  
BD-17  The Leg Cutting Piece  

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