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Title: Carnage
Format: Limited LP Black Vinyl
Year: 15.04.2022
Label: Icy Cold
Tracklist:         A1 See You at My Funeral 
A2 Rabbits 
A3 Hyenas 
A4 Lamourlamort 
A5 This is going to hurt

B1 Phantom Limb Syndrome
B2 September kills
B3 Death by Arrogance
B4 Cities on Fire
Info: Limited Edition on Vinyl of THE BLACK VEILS' album, originally relesased in December 2021 on Icy Cold!

The Black Veils write angry and miserable post-punk songs and “Carnage” is their 3rd studio Album, following up on the highly regarded, 3  digital EPs, released through Icy Cold “Hyenas” (2020), “Lamoulamort” and “Rabbits” (both 2021). It’s a rough and direct post-punk record, recorded and mixed without seeking perfection, in order to re-create the band’s “live” attitude in studio. A violent bass sound, sharp guitars, dynamic vocals and relentless drums: this time the band wanted to create a “choral” album with a far more spontaneous and aggressive sound.
Carnage takes inspiration from The Black Veils’ typical imaginary: (a lot of) cinema, a bit of existentialism, the effects of insomnia and a huge dose of black humour. This might also mark the band’s first record that openly reflects on the current social transformations. Carnage is a concept about the roles of the victim and the oppressor: positions which are always interchangeable in all kind of relationships.
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