STEVE ROACH Ambient Church - New York City LIMITED 2CD Digipack 2023

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Title: Ambient Church - New York City
Format: Limited 2CD Digipack
Year: 13.01.2023
Label: Timeroom Editions
Tracklist:              CD1
01 The Embrace
02 Structures from Silence
03 Spirals of Strength
04 Terrasoma
05 The Continent

01 Songline
02 Topographic
03 Magnificent Gallery / A Circular Ceremony
04 What remains
05 HeartBreath
Info: For over thirty five years, Steve Roach has performed in awe inspiring spaces around the world. From a massive cave on the Canary Islands, cathedrals in Europe and the US, to a volcanic lava bed encircled with 64 stone monoliths in Mexico City, all of these experiences informed Steve’s invitation to perform a two-hour set within the historic Church of the Heavenly Rest in New York City in June 2022. Roach built the set's flow with classic tracks and pieces composed specifically for the massive acoustic sacred space which served as the container for the unparalleled sound and light experience of this music.
The result is a magnificent recording unlike any in Steve’s catalog. With the cathedral at full capacity, well over 1000 people experienced a pinnacle moment including the performance of iconic "Structures from Silence” reverberating within the massive stone walls. The full range of Roach’s dynamic soundworlds takes on a symphonic experience; the embrace of a truly monolithic sacred space and captivated audience influenced the music’s creation. This is the realm in which Roach’s music truly soars — the place it is destined to be experienced — and is now here immersed within this magnificent release.