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Title: Anemic City
Format: LP Vinyl
Year: 22.04.2022
Label: Icy Cold
Tracklist:         1        Spinning    1:54
2        Avalanche    3:12
3        Mute    2:39
4        Satan    2:53
5        Operator    3:49
6        Blood    2:55
7        Caught    2:47
8        Only (Closer In Dreams)    2:26
9        Rain    2:37
10        Blinds    4:10
11        Hurt    3:21
Info: Stella Sleeps, a new project from Vänersborg, Sweden, produce a quite hearty and memorable form of darkwave on their debut full length, "Anemic City". Stella Sleeps have emerged with a very well built combination of post punk, dreampop, shoegaze and other facets of underground/alternative rock, with the music's tone complementing the project's colorless aesthetics rather effectively. The track "Rain" is a superb demonstration of the band's perspective, certainly entrenched in the darker regions of alternative rock, but also striking as very tuneful and mellow piece as a whole.
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