SPECTRES Nostalgia [limited 2nd print: black] LP VINYL 2022

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Title: Nostalgia
Format: Limited 2nd print: black LP Vinyl
Year: 28.10.2022
Label: Artoffact
Tracklist:         A1 The Head and the Heart 
A2 Dreams 
A3 When Possessed pray
A4 Pictures from occupied Europe
A5 Years of Lead

B1 Fate
B2 Insurgence
B3 The Call
B4 Along the Waterfront
Info: Second print of the so far latest regular SPECTRES studio-album from July 2020. Emerging from the DIY Punk underground, SPECTRES wanted to blend the grassroots and independent ethic of anarcho-punk with the anomie and cold, modulated sounds of 1980’s post-punk and death-rock genres. Though the band’s output has matured with time to embrace a wider range of new-wave and shoegaze influences, their ethos remains rooted in DIY punk. The blending of these influences allows for the curious juxtaposition of 80’s influenced pop sensibilities with lyrics that explore the alienation and cynicism of modern life. On the album “Nostalgia” these influences are carried even further to create a wonderfully crafted suite of songs that evoke the primal sounds of Beastmilk with the melody of Soft Kill. Nostalgia was produced by ACTORS’ Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound.