SOLAR FIELDS Origin #01 [limited OXBLOOD & ORANGE] 2LP VINYL 2022

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Title: Origin #01
Format: Two coloured (OXBLOOD & ORANGE) Double Vinyl, inside a Beautiful deluxe Full colour Gatefold Sleeve! Limited Edition of 250 copies!
Year: 30.09.2022
Label: Sidereal
Tracklist:         01 Silent walking (Origin 2004)
02 Unite (Origin 2007)
03 Bigger Stream (Origin 2005)
04 Almost there (Origin 2002)
05 Next Waiting (Origin 2006)
06 Embraced (Origin 2004)
07 Going In (Origin 2004)
08 Automatic sun (Origin Unknown)
09 Reborn (Origin 2008)
10 OCT (Origin 2004)
Info: The quest for a complete Solar Fields reissue collection continues at Sidereal, and this time the label brings back to light the first installment in Magnus Birgersson’s unfinished tracks archive. Origin #01, originally released in 2010, was the first compilation of Solar Fields finished/unfinished pieces. A series of audio stems born in various periods of time, in this case from 2002 to 2008, then completed and refined.
Such a genesis makes the Origin series something different in the Solar Fields catalog, as the usual consistency and unity of Magnus’s studio albums is nowhere to be found here, in favor of a multi-faceted, various and fragmented approach. Every track is completely different from the other, and you never know what’s lying behind the next corner. Every note sounds 101% Solar Fields, but the spectre covered by Origin #01 was an entirely different width compared to what the Swedish producer released until that moment.