SOLAR FIELDS Formations [limited swamp GREEN] 2LP VINYL 2022

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Title: Formations
Format: Limited Edition of 250 copies, on SWAMP GREEN Vinyl, double-LP inside Gatefold Cover including an amazing King-sized booklet glued to the gatefold sleeve, 16 pages 30x30cm printed in full colour on a beautiful offset paper, and rich of nature inspired / album artworks-related photos and studio outtakes from Solar Fields himself while at recording it!
Year: 11.11.2022
Label: Sidereal
Tracklist:         A1 Animals [07:35] 
A2 Echostream [08:26] 
A3 Omatic [07:24]

B1 Motion Horizon [07:30]  
B2 A Friend [06:23]  
B3 Star Carnival [09:22]

C1 Between Mirrors [05:29]  
C2 Always 034746 [09:55]

D1 Desolation [07:59]  
D2 Lemonia [08:24]
Info: ‘Formations’ is Solar Fields’ first new album since 2018! Following 2018s album “Ourdom”, Solar Fields focused on several different activities: the Undiscovered Stories EP (deleted), a further Origin album (both released in 2019), the digital-only Studio Jupiter Live Session and of course the re-release of his own back catalogue via Sidereal. Now, scheduled for release November 4th on both CD and 2LP (one week later), Formations the new full-length studio work by Magnus Birgersson musical alter ego is about to see the light. When asked to provide some insights about the album, Solar Fields underlined that every track comes in a different form, shape and emotion. Each song conveys different moods and the sound palette varies from melancholic to joyful, taking its time to plant their seeds into their listener.
“This music spans from a lot of big variations in different musical feelings”, Magnus added. And this is exactly what you shall expect from Formations: a broad spectrum of sounds and emotions. As always when it comes to the works of Solar Fields, you will find yourself amazed by new details and shades at every further spin.
A kaleidoscopic effort, Solar Fields’ new album may very well be the right choice for every mood you fall into, just tune it to the right track and you’ll see…