PSYCLON NINE Less to Heaven CD Digipack 2022 (VÖ 26.08)

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Available on date 26.08.2022

product description

Title: Less to Heaven
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 26.08.2022
Label: Metropolis Records
Tracklist:         01 Blood in
02 See You All in Hell
03 Money and Sex and Death
04 The Poison will deaden the Pain
05 Off with their Heads
06 X's on her Eyes
07 Catastrophic
08 Après Moi, le Deluge
09 Blood out
Info: PSYCLON NINE began as an act described as Industrial, and over time evolved through Industrial Metal. Now with the all new album LESS TO HEAVEN, PSYCLON NINE finds itself charting undefinable territories bridging elements of Metal-Core with Doom Electronics, Trip-Techno with Black Metal overtones and Experimental Cinema Soundscapes with Alternative Rock
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