UNTO ASHES I Cover You With Blood MCD 2004

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Unto Ashes
Title: I Cover You With Blood
Format: MCD (Maxi CD) im Pappschuber
Year: 2004
Label: Projekt
Tracklist:         1 I Cover You With Blood (Wounds Mix)  4:07
2 Serve Me (Ochun Mix)  3:24
3 I Cover You With Blood  4:06
4 Funeral March For Queen Mary 1:39
5 Palestinalied 3:23
6 Exeunt Reges  3:09

To satisfy Unto Ashes’ long-suffering fans in Europe and the United States, Projekt is honored to present Unto Ashes’ I Cover You With Blood (Pro153), a highly compelling, blood-lit six-song maxi-CD featuring five unreleased tracks / mixes. Contained herein are two versions of “I Cover You With Blood” (Wounds Mix + Empty Into White mix), a new and even more intoxicating version of “Serve Me” (Ochun Mix – named in honor of the Voodoun Goddess of Love – the original version appears on Saturn Return), the cold and magnificent “Funeral March for Queen Mary” by Henry Purcell (1659-1695), known to many as the theme from “A Clockwork Orange,” plus two completely unreleased songs. “Exeunt Reges” – an original Unto Ashes composition – is a immensely proud, almost warlike anthem which incorporates hurdy gurdy, horns, and drums; Unto Ashes’ spectacular rendition of the medieval lament “Palastinalied” by Walter vonder Vogelweide (1170-1230) features stirring vocal performances by Mariko and Natalia Lincoln, accompanied by original medieval instruments. The beautiful artwork was executed by Sam Rosenthal and presented in an environmentally friendly 5″ cardboard wallet.

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