STEVE ROACH Electron Birth CD Digipack 2018 LTD.500

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Electron Birth


CD Digipack
Limited edition of 500 copies!

Year: 2018
Label: Timeroom Editions

01 Electron Birth 54:49
02 Cloud Currents 12:14


This mesmerizing masterpiece of multi-dimensional analog sequencer spun music connects directly to Steve’s passion for the interweaving of pure emotion, energy, delicate grace and driving flow. Interconnected melodic-rhythmic forms bloom into a constant morphing state of kaleidoscopic change. Over several months before this piece was recorded, many directions were explored, motifs developed and structures were revealed evolving up to the moment when “Electron Birth” was realized in its final creation. This stellar performance was recorded with a live audience in the studio-like environment of Tucson’s Galactic Center, Feb 11, 2018. The DNA of the albums “Molecules of Motion”, “Spiral Revelation” and “Skeleton Keys” along with the tradition of great German EM School masters is woven into this vibrant long-form journey. The album concludes with “Cloud Currents,” a deep drift zone created in the Timeroom. Post production fine-tuning by Steve and mastering by Howard Givens brings out even more detail and sonic impact from this peak experience!