STEVE ROACH At the Edge of Everything (Live 2000) CD Digipack 2013

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At the Edge of Everything (Live 2000)


CD Digipack

Year: 2013
Label: Timeroom Editions

1 The Edge Opens 15:26
2 Serpents Rebirth 12:25
3 Hyperpassage 9:49
4 Cloudwatching with the Trancemaker 15:29
5 Crossroads of Three 5:43
6 Apparition Collaboration 7:30
7 Refractions of Remembering 7:12


At the Edge of Everything documents a peak moment in Steve Roach’s live concert odyssey in Europe over a ten-year span. Recorded at the E-Live festival in The Netherlands, 2000, it represents the zenith of that period in his deep organic / tribal ambient sound, fused with a vibrant core of trance grooves and sequencer passages, shamanic electronic and atmospheric soundworlds. The entire concert is taken to the next level with guests Vidna Obmana on fujara (overtone flute) and Jeffrey Fayman on frame drum. The interaction on “Apparition Collaboration” especially shows the spirit of riding the edge, with Steve on didgeridoo and Vidna Obmana on fujara in full bloom. At the Edge of Everything is volcanic in its expression of the power of sound and the spontaneous, focused energy drawn from the moment. Equally impressive is the dynamic serpentine set as it emerges from what feels like the near future. Truly music for the time of now, as we are at the edge of everything.

Recorded live September 10th, 2000 at The E-Live Festival
Veldhoven, Netherlands
Guest artists: vidnaObmana, Jeffrey Fayman