STEVE ROACH / vidnaObmana Cavern Of Sirens CD 1997

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STEVE ROACH / vidnaObmana

Cavern Of Sirens



Year: 1997
Label: Projekt

1.Ascension for Protection 11:27
2.Hidden Earth and The Shadows Dance 15:17
3.Middle World Passage 24:18
4.The Current Below 09:20
5.The Graceful Sky 12:27


On their 2nd collaboration (from 1997), Steve Roach and vidnaObmana continue the journey and delve further into the terrain they first traversed on The Spiritual Bonding and the critically acclaimed double-cd debut Well of Souls.

On Cavern of Sirens, Roach and Obmana uncover yet another level of artistry within their shared passion for uncompromised soundworlds. The result is at once alluring and focused, fusing the duo’s continuously evolving signature of trance-percussion and rich harmonic textures that defy any sense of known location or origin. The release gathers four stirring pieces which lead to a final harmonic reflection which suggests what’s in store on their next project, already in the works.

Cavern of Sirens encompasses nearly 74 minutes of music presented in an elegant booklet featuring the organic visions of Belgian photographer Martine Verhoeven.

Stepping outside a world obsessed with categorizing every fragment of experience, Roach and Obmana explore subtle shades of nuance that words cannot touch. Together, they bring to life insights and apparitions that can only be charted by those willing to ride the lush and treacherous soundcurrents spiraling ever deeper through the Cavern of Sirens.

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