ERIK WOLLO Visions - A Collection Of Music by Erik Wollo CD Digipack 2016

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Visions - A Collection Of Music by Erik Wollo


CD Digipack

Year: 2016
Label: Projekt

01 Echotides No. 4
02 Revealed in Time
03 Gateway
04 Visions
05 The Native Chant
06 Misty Blue
07 Within These Walls (remix)
08 Airborne 2

Info: This remastered collection brings together 8 standout tracks from the totally 12 Projekt releases by this renowned Norwegian electronic artist. Highlighting the cascading melodic and consonant lyrical side of Erik's intuitively-crafted soundworlds, Visions invites the listener into an hour of the impressive and kinetic music of Erik Wollo. Led by electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, and keyboard melodies, the songs build upon arcs of rhythms and layers of sequencer patterns with dramatic percussive punctuations, pulsating arpeggios and deep analog basses.
“For Erik Wøllo success is a simple measure of dedication to his artistic path. The beauty of his life in music is that every moment is a phenomenon described in a way that is both precise and deeply felt. With each release he becomes sharper and more confident. At the extreme high end of his skill set, Erik Wøllo offers an explanation of what it means to be human;… (his) epic realizations offer us a means to connect with this forgotten fundamental feeling.” –