ERIK WOLLO Different Spaces 2CD Digipack 2017

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Different Spaces


2CD Digipack

Year: 2017
Label: Projekt

01 Low Winter Sun (Introduction 1)
02 Points in Time
03 Solaris
04 High Plains
05 Church Mountain
06 Similar World
07 Past Theme
08 Hydra
09 Kaleidoscope
10 Evening Island
11 Memory Space

Total Time: 74:26

01 Mystical Sun (Introduction 2)
02 Chroma
03 Motion Blue
04 The Morph
05 Rundreise
06 Circle Dream
07 Pilgrim Way
08 Cascade Falls
09 Mirror Lake
10 Afterglow
11 Elysium
Total Time: 73:17


Different Spaces from renowned Norwegian electronic musician Erik Wøllo is a diverse and sweeping 2CD release. Spanning 2 hours and 45 minutes, his 21st full-length album is a monumental statement ranging from slowly-drifting kaleidoscopic passages, epic soaring guitar melancholy, upbeat everchanging sequenced cycles, and charismatic compelling melodies. Different Spaces is electronic music with an evocative and symbolic approach. Erik’s background in 70s progressive rock shines through. The sequencer aesthetic and other aspects of the era’s technology form the basic foundation on many of these tracks. Modern pulsing and immersive soundscapes provide measured momentum to steadily move through the morphing patterns and textures. “If music or art does not send me to a certain spot or a setting, I am not very interested,” Erik comments. “It’s a sense of being somewhere. This is a very important part on this release: the awareness of a connection with place, subjectivity and feeling. Within this, I delve into my curiosity about what’s in my subconscious. In the subconscious there are all kinds of iconic sounds, visions and mythic fragments.” This vast release takes the listener to different places and spaces on 22 uniquely compelling auditory episodes.