ERIK WOLLO Blue Radiance CD Digipack 2015

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Title: Blue Radiance

CD Digipack

Year: 2015
Label: Projekt

01 Terra Novus 1 
02 Terra Novus 2 
03 Blue Radiance 
04 Pathway 
05 Osmosis 
06 Moon Above
07 Revealed in Time 
08 Crystal Orbits 
09 Sepia 
10 Timemorph 
11 Earth Sky


As a bridge leading to a new uncharted continent, Erik Wøllo's Blue Radiance transports the listener along innovative, shimmering and sonorous musical pathways. The 19th solo album from this renowned Norwegian ambient/electronic artist continues to develop and refine his masterfully crafted soundworld into an intensely detailed fusion of elegant compositions and deep atmospherics.

Built around catchy and accessible rhythms and melodies, Blue Radiance presents eleven brand new compositions of sophisticated and engaging electronic music featuring Wøllo's trademark ebow electric guitar swells, rounded out by occasional acoustic guitars and percussion. Leisurely, open, and deeply emotional, the tracks provide beautiful contrasts with varied moods from intense sequencer movements, to more free and floating timbres and drones.

The album title “Blue Radiance” suggests music from the blue and icy tone spectrum; from the darker blue to the almost snowy white. However here are a broad spectrum of feelings and atmospheres, all infused with high creativity and imagination. Intricate, sparkling and carefully shaped. Music that takes you to wondrous places that is both enigmatic and eclectic.