BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL The Rope 25 [25th anniversary edition] 2CD 2012

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Title: The Rope 25 [25th anniversary edition]     
Format: 2CD Digipack
Year: 2012
Label: Projekt

01 Memory, uncaring Friend
02 Hide in yourself
03 Within these Walls
04 The holy Terrors
05 End
06 Seven Days till Sunrise
07 The Rope
08 The few remaining Threads
09 The lingering Flicker
10 Slow Blur
11 The Floor was hard but Home
12 We return

01 Black Tape for a blue Girl: Nemory, uncaring Friend (2011)
02 All My Faith Lost...: The Rope
03 Mirabilis: The floor was hard but Home
04 Erik Wøllo: Within these Walls
05 Forrest Fang: Hide in yourself
06 Dirk Serries: Lingering (vintage mix)
07 Dirk Serries: Blurred (lo-fi mix)
08 Walter Holland: Seven Days till Sunrise
09 Kho Hat Hasa: The holy Terrors
10 Rajna: End
11 Attrition: Memory, uncaring Friend
12 Lux Interna: We return


In 1986, Black Tape For A Blue Girl's darkly mesmerizing debut The Rope appeared on the underground rock scene. It kicked off a rich and diverse musical career for Projekt founder / Blacktape songwriter Sam Rosenthal. Now 25 years later, Projekt celebrates this momentous anniversary with ‘The Rope 25’ – coming with the debut in carefully remastered soundquality plus including a 2nd disc of reinterpretations by Erik Wøllo, All My Faith Lost..., Attrition, Mirabilis, Lux Interna, Rajna… Also included is BTFABG’s own re-recording of the album opener "Memory, Uncaring Friend", turning this classic track into a driving rock song, equal parts Bauhaus, Gary Numan and a darkly-caffeinated Sinatra. "Working with Brian of the Dresden Dolls on drums and guitar," Rosenthal says, "we captured the song as I would have performed it if live in '86. It's aggressive, brash, tense and loud! All elements that a song about betrayal and self-destruction require. Athan Maroulis' vocals reflect back to Oscar's performance while giving the song new drama and immediacy." Other equally innovative reinterpretations include All My Faith Lost's neo-classical "The Rope," Mirabilis' haunting a capella "The Floor was hard but Home," Lux Interna's neo-folk "We return," Attrition's dark, electronic "Memory, uncaring Friend," and Erik Wollo's electronic/ soundtracky "Within these Walls."  A poignant moment is when Walter Holland re-works the original multi-track recording of "Seven Days til Sunrise," as this track features the clarinet of his late musical partner Richard Watson from the band Amber Route. Hand-picked and sequenced by Rosenthal, this second disc looks back at The Rope while projecting the songs into modern times.

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