LORDS OF ACID Beyond Booze CD 2022

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Title: Beyond Booze
Format: CD
Year: 27.05.2022
Label: Metropolis Records
Tracklist:         1. I Sit on Acid (Insider is Inside Mix)   
2. The Crablouse, (Ludo's It's Here To Stay Mix)
3. Rubber Doll (Back Off! The Bitch Is Mine!)   
4. Scrood Bi U (Hush's Scroo All Y'all Mix)   
5. The Power Is Mine (In Your Hand Mix)   
6. Hell Does Exist   
7. Do What You Wanna Do (DO's Pain & Pleasure Mix)   
8. Pussy (We Want Some Mix)   
9. Rough Sex (Beltram Whip Mix)   
10. Sex Cam Girl (Need To Have Sex Right Now! Mix)   
11. Am I Sexy (Yes Mistress Nikkie, May I Have Another Mix)
12. I Must Increase My Bust (The Lords Like 'Em Large Mix)   
13. Gimme Gimme (Erhan's The One Mix)   
14. Lover Boy Lover Girl (Beat Me Up Mix)
15. Ma Fille De Joy (Hey Ho! Let's Go Mix)
Info: The immortal Lords of Acid's unique orgiastic blend of techno/acid/house/industrial has been touting the pure pleasures of drugs, hedonism, and all manner of sex positivity for decades. Beyond Booze is a beat driven collection of the band's greatest tracks, from the debut single "I Sit On Acid" to "Pussy", "Rough Sex" and on, remixed by a slew of artists, band members, and collaborators.