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Title: HalluciNation
Format: Limited edition of 500 copies on BLACK Vinyl
Year: 2019
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         A1 Gdje da Idem 
A2 Warning  A3 Fire 
A4 Carry the Sun 
A5 Igraliste

B1 Interlude 
B2 Broken Glass 
B3 HalluciNation 
B4 Mother of Lies
Info: Kadeadkas are a Cologne/Germany based Band founded in 2016, with a Croatian Female leadsinger. Musicwise they mix the sometimes raw and clinic post-punk sound of the early 80's with the warmth and trippy elements of early 70's psychedelic and shake it up with the spirit and energy of the punk movement.
In 2019 they released their long-awaited debut album, entirely produced by themselves. The album starts with the uptempo number "Gdje da idem" (Where should I go?) and ends with an interpretation of the American dream ("HalluciNation, land of the silent, home of the slaves") before the last track ("Mother of Lies") finally asks the question of what life costs today. Ballads and love songs are nowhere to be found on the album: the band chases at high speed through Lynchiesque scenarios, dictatorships, self-destruction and personal nightmares, generated by a cold, capitalist-decadent society that is in its last gasps. Sound-wise, the band has managed to capture the raw energy of their live performances. It's all about anti-pop and the style of the early UK positive and post-punk movement: energetic drums, bass guitar as lead instrument, chorus and delay heavy guitars, expressive vocals, choirs and a few additional instrumental elements to create the appropriate soundscapes for Kati's dystopian lyrics
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