j:Dead Roots CD 2023

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Title: Roots
Format: CD
Year: 01.12.2023
Label: Infacted
Tracklist:         01 Surrendering
02 Harbour
03 Taking Advantage
04 What We’ll Be
05 Confirmation Bias
06 Let Go
07 Feathers
08 Surrendering (Faderhead Remix)
09 Surrendering (Matt Hart Remix)
10 Harbour (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
11 Harbour (Gencab Remix)
12 What We’ll Be (Mesh Remix)
13 What We’ll Be (Uncreated Remix)
14 Let Go (Blacklight Remix)
Info: 14 new songs and remixes are part of the new J:dead mini album release „Roots“. Well known artists and remixers such as Faderhead, Aesthetic Perfection, Matt Hart or Mesh contributed new versions of the well known single hits „Surrendering“, „Harbour“ or „What We’ll be“ to the tracklist. A massive electro/electropop release full of warmth and energy!