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Title: Haunted Castle
Format: Limited LP Black Vinyl
Year: 15.04.2022
Label: Icy Cold
Tracklist:         A1 En la Noche
A2 Persi
A3 Illinois
A4 Neptune
A5 Mission
A6 Sushi and Sex
A7 Side Track
A8 I'm upset

B1 Intimidate
B2 Dance with Me
B3 Vergüenza
B4 Voices
B5 Future Past
B6 Dr. Fujita
B7 Artificial
Info: By big demand, this album by the US-indie act from August 2020 is now available for the first time also in a limited Edition of 300 copies on Black Vinyl! The Vinyl edition comes with a 2 page, LP-sized insert with all lyrics to the songs.
Chicago-based indie rock band French Police sounds like a MUST for fans of Motorama, DIIV… The record largely follows the band’s signature sound, which they describe as being char- acterized by “fast melodies”, “distant voices with short verses”, and “lots of reverb”; however, some of the tracks sport a more traditional song structure with longer verses and more prominent vocals, such as the lead single, “Dance with Me” (a dark, captivating bop with a ghostly atmosphere) and “Mission” (a warm, yet somber track with pulsating 80s-style drums). Sonically, Haunted Castle carries a sense of melancholia that can be felt on tracks like “Sushi and Sex”, “I’m upset”, and “Future Past” (a spacey, ethereal number with strong vocals).
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