FORREST FANG Forever Cascades LIMITED CD Digipack 2021

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Title: Forever Cascades

CD Digipack
Limited edition of 500

Year: 10.12.2021
Label: Projekt
Tracklist:         1. Four Points West
2. Circling the Eternal Lake
3. The Clockmaker
4. Forever Cascades
5. The Land of Nine Rivers
6. Moire
7. Seahorses and Aeolian
8. Murmurances
9. Leaving Alpha
10. Out of Frame
Info: Composer and recording artist Forrest Fang refined his dynamic hybrid style of composition over the past four decades, expanding upon his roots in progressive music, minimalism, textural ambient, and the traditional musics of Asia. Drawing on his deep knowledge of sound creation and manipulation, he uses the studio like a separate instrument to create distinctive, alluring and otherworldly atmospheres. With captivating approaches to sound creation, his latest Projekt album Forever Cascades presents a series of intricately-layered sonic vignettes and impressionistic soundscapes inspired by shoreline walks over the last year.

“Though my walks near the San Francisco Bay were initially a way for me to clear my head,” says Fang, “I also found myself drawn to the cycles and cadences of tides and aquatic life that shifted gradually from season to season. I was seeking a similar underlying cadence or pulse in these pieces that would evolve over time.”

The album’s opening piece, “Four Points West,” sets the scene with sustained and relaxed electronic tones suggesting vast open spaces. The trail begins with the atmospheric piece, “Circling the Eternal Lake,” that combines treated piano, gamelan, and hypnotic electronic textures. A lively piece, “The Clockmaker,” follows, combining acoustic and electronic strings, and a pulsing synthesizer.

The title track, “Forever Cascades,” continues the album’s momentum with layers of echoing electronics and cyclical patterns along with sounds from a dulcimer and a clavinet. The atmosphere shifts down to a more relaxed pace with “The Land of Nine Rivers,” a nine-minute organic soundscape populated with a multitude of melodic particles and fragments that form continuous and sublime currents of harmonious sound.

Once refreshed, the hike continues with the evocative polyrhythms of “Moiré,” a short minimalist-inspired piece that combines the sounds of bamboo percussion, organ, and synthesizer. The minimalist mood continues into the next piece, “Seahorses and Aeolians,” with tribal patterns and mysterious electronic atmospheres evoking an uncharted region of the Fourth World.

The mood deepens with “Murmurances,” a concentrated and extended meditation of pulse and interlocking melodies that features Fang’s haunting violin, accompanied by the sounds of a Balinese drum, mouth organ, textural electronics, and yet more strings. One last pause for rest follows with gamelan sounds and sustained electronic tones in “Leaving Alpha.”

The album completes its cycle with the brief but spacious “Out of Frame.” The walk through sound returns to where it began with subtle changes in perceived time and space.