EUROPEAN GHOST No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter CD Digipack 2022

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Title: No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 30.09.2022
Label: Icy Cold
Tracklist:         01 Stars in Heaven
02 Chrematismos
03 White Foals
04 Good Night
05 Hermetic
06 Cold Lips
07 No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter
08 Living in a Tomb
09 The Wind that comes from Underground
10 The Garden of Delights

Exclusive bonus-Track:
11 Metropolix
Info: The New European Ghost’s album caresses the sleep frailty, touching its own edges, its inviolable mistery, with darkand ethereal melodies. Eleven tracks to explore the stages of human sleep: from falling asleep to Chrematismos – the deep and premonitory dream, ‘til detector nightmare. Nocturnal music descends and takes us to the dephts of consciousness and arises with a bunch of diaphanous pearles, with a not yet clear meaning. No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter talks about an inner refuge, the necessity to find it and the inability to escape from our own nightmares.
The Album title was borrowed from the Italian poet Emanuel Carnevali, singer of an American emigrant’s hallucinatory dream. Some of psychoanalytical suggestions about dream state were born from a Mircea Cartarescu’s romance: Solenoide.
With this new album, European Ghost left the Earth, with its tragedies, and conclude their timeless trilogy, started in 2016 with the album ‘Pale & Sick’, choosing their very own hypno-wave and exploring new intangible landscapes in sound and contents.