ERIK WOLLO Recurrence CD Digipack 2021

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CD Digipack



Label: Projekt

1. Recurrence 10:24
2. The Presence of Future 08:41
3. Oblivion 05:54
4. Clouds Forever 08:07
5. Way of no return 09:15
6. Umbra 06:36
7. Dream River 1 06:51
8. Stargazers 08:22


Following his acclaimed 2020 collaboration with American synthesist Michael Stearns (Convergence, PRO371) renowned Norwegian ambient / electronic artist Erik Wøllo returns with 2021’s Recurrence. An intensely detailed fusion of elegant compositions and deep atmospherics, it’s a gleaming sonic journey — a timeless dreamlike pilgrimage revisiting the sound and feel of past moments with an essence of eternal renewal.

Delicately evocative synthesizer atmospheres are skillfully balanced with pulsating rhythmic passages. Wøllo’s trademark processed electric guitars, synthesizers, occasional acoustic guitars and percussion create a cohesive structure that bonds the pieces into a warm, breathing continuum. Conceived to unfold as one unit, the tracks are movements drawing the listener into a deep, adventurous flow.

“I chose the title Recurrence,” Erik reflects, “because much of the music is built upon the idea of presenting a theme or a melodic element at the beginning of each song. This element is repeated later but within a new musical environment that evolved during the progress of the composition. It is a simple idea I’ve used on previous albums, though it’s more defined this time around. Compare it to a place you revisit and a new occurrence of something that happened or appeared before are revealed. On the revisit you explore new angles, seeing and feeling new aspects of the same experience.”

The album’s most active pieces are built upon arcs of rhythm and layers of sequencer patterns — with Wøllo’s lead lines setting the pace. “The Way of no Return” and “Umbra” both have dramatic percussive punctuations with pulsating arpeggios and deep analog bass. The ethereal tracks “Oblivion” and “Dream River” soar and dive in open, airy sections that stretch through time. These quiet, introspective and slowly unfolding pieces have a musical vastness of space — highly lush and expansive washes, powerfully evocative and soothing translucence.

“Stargazers” features acoustic guitars which evoke a warm aerial nostalgia: an organic sonic texture contrasted with long and elegant synthesizer lines. Digital-only bonus tracks “Cloud Circles,” “Chime Rain” and “Afterprints” close this journey with beautifully hazy synth swells added with distant soaring guitar voices. Peaceful and tranquil, this trilogy of tracks completes this enterprising and panoramic travelogue. An utterly suspended, lyrical and sublime outro.

Recurrence is an album highlighting Wøllo’s extraordinary luminous mastery. With elements reminiscent of previous releases like Gateway and Different Places, it also sees impulses from Wøllo’srenowned collaborations with electronic music pioneers Steve Roach and Michael Stearns. Emotional and filled with sonic imagery, Recurrence will entice the listener to repeated listens

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