ELEKTROKLÄNGE Komposituation CD Digipack 2022

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Title: Komposituation

CD Digipack

Year: 16.12.2022
Label: alfa matrix
Tracklist:         01. Komposituation (Teil 1)
02. Einklinkt
03. Funk-Musik
04. Zeitansage
05. Elektronische Darstellung Des Quintenzirkels
06. Isabella & Barbara
07. Musik Kosmik
08. Dürerchen's Mondfahrt
09. Elektrogie
10. Komposituation (Teil 2)
Info: After releasing several conceptual digital EP’s, Swedish minimalistic electro pop act ELEKTROKLÄNGE returns with his debut CD album “Komposituation”, heavily inspired by the works of the German painter, poet and audio-visual artist Emil Schult (also known on the synth music scene for his fruitful collaboration in the early 70’s with KRAFTWERK founders Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider) –

“Most songs are inspired by the "Musicomix" poster included in the third album by a couple of well-known "music workers" from Düsseldorf”, says ELEKTROKLÄNGE with a big smile.

Remaining faithful to the ELEKTROKLÄNGE characteristic trademark of minimalistic and melodic driven retro-future sound and his acknowledged vintage “Düsseldorf sound” roots, the Swedish artist offers an exquisite mix of different types of songs ranging from instrumental to more experimental, one or two in major keys and some featuring lyrics programmed into a replica of a Robovox as well as AI generated voices.

ELEKTROKLÄNGE brings its signature sound to the next level through meticulously programmed minimalist catchy synth melodies, repetitive machine bubbling rhythms and vocoder vocals.

This is AI generated robot pop music at its best!

ELEKTROKLÄNGE also made an exclusive digital artbook companion filled with original AI generated art and lyrics, that will be included on the Bandcamp version of the album.