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Christian Death
Title: Evil Becomes Rule
Format: LP Black Vinyl
Year: 06.05.2022
Label: Season Of Mist
Tracklist:         01 The Alpha and the Omega  
02 New Messiah  
03 Elegant Sleeping  
04 Blood Moon
05 Abraxas we are  
06 The Warning  
07 Beautiful  
08 Rise and Shine
09 Evil becomes Rule  
10 Who am I (part 1)  
11 Who am I (part 2)
Info: With the release of their 17th studio album, CHRISTIAN DEATH shows no signs of faltering or slowing down. The godfathers of death rock have simultaneously perfected and redefined their signature sound, which has served as a core inspiration for many bands of both the past and present, such as DANZIG, CELTIC FROST, and TYPE O NEGATIVE, to name just a few. ‘Evil becomes Rule’ isn’t merely a musical endeavor, but an artistic expression that blends elements of gothic rock, post-punk, and dark pop, cultivating a poetic aesthetic that is certain to continue to influence the next wave of gothic rock. For fans of: Sisters Of Mercy, Death Valley High, The Cure, Bauhaus, Samhain, Roxy Music…
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