BLOODYGRAVE & DIE LUST Ein weiteres Jahr: Minimal Times LP VINYL 2022

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Title: Ein weiteres Jahr: Minimal Times
Format: LP Vinyl
Year: 06.05.2022
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         A1 Rattengift (2021 version) 03:17
A2 Schnee in der Küche 02:58
A3 Planet 02:33
A4 Tscher-no-Bill (2021 Version) 04:07
A5 Minimalerei 02:39
A6 Supernova 03:54

B1 Ein weiteres Jahr (2021 version) 03:34
B2 Alarmstufe Rot 03:19
B3 Roboter Liebe 03:29
B4 Chlorleichen 02:31
B5 Dimension 24 03:11
B6 Warum 03:08
Info: Release No.1 in a series of 3 Vinyls, celebrating 10+ years of existance of Bloodygrave & Die Lust! Born from the ashes of the Berlin Gothpunkband Rotten Western Kulture (which broke up 2009). Ben (BLOODYGRAVE) and Frasco (Die LUST!) together started a Minimal-Synthwave duo and their two solo projects allied to: Bloodygrave & Die Lust, using synthesizers and hardware gears. The two essential different backgrounds give their sound a 80s wave appeal with a clear punk attitude - very rythmic and also experimental. Ben signs responsible for lyrics and the main vocals, Frasco contributes the rhythmic compositions and all sound arrangements.

They trod the stages of major international events such as the Drop Dead Festival (twice) and the Gothic Pogo Party with a substantial total number of concerts and look back on various EP releases and numerous appearances on compliations of the actual international Wave scene.

Note: Frasco is also a member of the much talked about, uprising Italian Minimal Electro act Z.U.G. (Zona Utopica Garantita), that recently thrilled the audience Mutant Transmission festival in Bruges and will be part of the 'Gothic Pogo Festival' in Leipzig (during WGT).

“Minimal Times" includes songs of the first two years (2008-2010) of the project, where minimal wave was the sound in the underground clubs, and Ben & Frasco composed some memorable minimal wave tracks. All songs on this LP have been re-mastered and 3 of the tracks are included in all new “2021 versions”!
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