BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL The Cleft Serpent (Instrumental & Alternate Mixes) CD Digipack 2021

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Title: The Cleft Serpent (Instrumental & Alternate Mixes) 
Format: CD in 4-panel Digipack
limited edition of 500
Year: 01.10.2021
Label: Projekt
Tracklist:         1. The Cleft Serpent (Instrumental Mix) 04:31
2. The Trickster (Instrumental Mix) 03:12
3. Hidden Villa, Florence 1453 (Instrumental Mix) 04:14
4. Ares & Hermes (Instrumental Mix) 05:24
5. To Touch The Milky Way (2021 Version Instrumental Mix) 04:19
6. So Tired Of Our History (Instrumental Mix) 06:12
7. The Matchmaker (Instrumental Mix) 03:26
8. I'm The One Who Loses (Instrumental Mix) 02:24
9. Alabaster, Stortorget 1520 07:14
10. The Ghost Of Monte Cassino Abbey 09:11
11. The Cleft Serpent (Earliest Instrumental Demo) 04:13
12. Hidden Villa, Florence 1453 (Earliest Instrumental Demo) 03:59
13. I'm The One Who Loses (Earliest Instrumental Demo) 03:31
14. To Touch The Milky Way (2021 Version Alternate Vocal Mix) 03:27
15. The Matchmaker (Alternate Vocal Mix) 03:02
16. The Cleft Serpent (Alternate Vocal Mix) 04:03
Info: A 16-track, 72-minute companion to The Cleft Serpent. Features instrumental versions of the 8-track album remixed & reworked to highlight Henrik Meierkord's cello and viola, exclusive instrumentals, three demos, and three alternate mixes with vocalist Jon DeRosa. On this bonus collection of rich and complex chamber-music neo-classical compositions, we have an artist and a band at the peak of their powers reaching ambitiously into the starry night, seeking out the beauty and mystery of life, and arriving at the very heart of the human experience itself.