BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL Mesmerized By The Sirens (2023 Stereo Mix) LIMITED 2CD Digipack 2023

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Title: Mesmerized By The Sirens (2023 Stereo Mix)
Format: 2CD in 6-panel Digipack
Limited edition of 500
Year: 25.08.2023
Label: Projekt
Tracklist:              CD1 (all tracks in ‘2023 stereo mix’):
01 Jamais pars
02 A Teardrop left behind
03 Dark skinned and inviting
04 Lie broken, bleeding
05 Hairline Sunlight
06 With a Million Tears
07 The Sawdust Scatter
08 Beneath the Planks
09 Scream, My Shallow
10 Seireenien Lumoama

01 The Magnet & The Metal
02 A Teardrop left behind [pt 1, vocal take 1]
02 The Sawdust Scatter [demo]
03 Seireenien Piano [rehearsal room]
04 Seireenien Lumoama [pt 3, extended mix]
05 Jamais pars [1986 early mix]
06 A Teardrop left Behind [1986 early mix]
07 The Sawdust Scatter [1986 early mix]
08 Hairline Sunlight [1986 early mix]
09 Our Flesh as One [1986 early mix]
Info: Much welcomed new edition for another real CLASSIC album by Black Tape For A Blue Girl! This new release not only features a NEW MIX of this 1987 album, but also contains no less than 10 previously unreleased Bonus-Tracks on CD2!

More than a reissue, it's a restoration! Sam Rosenthal remixes Black Tape For A Blue Girl's 1987 sophomore album revealing the heart of its lush ethereal dreamscape atmospheres. "After 36 years, Mesmerized finally matches the way it has always played in my head," Sam reflects. "I remixed the album from scratch. It's rich, detailed and distinct. Everything is more present, and the lovely vocals engulf you in their power and beauty." Flowing on its haunting thread, ethereal music enveloped in a lush dreamscape atmosphere. In the summer of 1987, Sam Rosenthal and vocalist Oscar Herrera are joined by Sue-Kenny's lovely British vocals for the most mysterious of the band's releases.