ARDITI Bloodtheism CD Digipack 2020 LTD.300

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CD Digipack
Limited edition of strictly 300, hand-numbered copies.

Year: 20.09.2020
Label: Skullline

01 Bloodtheism
02 Militant Fate
03 Creative Principle
04 Conquering Energy
05 Militares Nobiles
06 Imperium Maius

07 Winged Coiled Serpent
08 Divine Order

Info: True to their path, Arditi return with "Bloodtheism". This album was released in 2018 as mp3 download only – this is the first time this album is being released on physical format. The CD comes in a newly re-mastered Edition and with two exclusive bonus tracks ! Orchestrally, the Swedish duo partly emphasizes the industrial dark ambience side of their music, with the extensive use of loops and recurring themes adding a semi-obsessed tone to the classic-militaristic sound sculpture.
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