WUMPSCUT For Those About To Starve LIMITED LP BLACK VINYL 2022 (VÖ 15.04)

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Title: For Those About To Starve
Format: Limited Edition of 300 copies on BLACK Vinyl
Year: 15.04.2022
Label: Betonkopf Media (BKM ETAH185P)
Tracklist:         01 Justin Kohlenklau 
02 Scared Half to Death 
03 Kuehlwalda 
04 Nullum Crimen sine Lege
05 Justin Kohlenklau (Instrumental)  
06 Scared Half to Death (Instrumental)
07 Kuehlwalda (Instrumental)  
08 Nullum Crimen sine Lege (Instrumental)
Info: Early this year saw the completely unexpected return to the electro scene of one of the most famous Electro/Industrial projects - :WUMPSCUT: - with an all new album, sold out almost immediately in its various formats (Fledermavs: 303).
What started this year, will continue also in 2022 – this time NOT with a new full-lenght, but with a limited EP, featuring 4 new tracks (and 4 instrumental versions)
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